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Dr. Michael J. Herock

Dr. Herock is a life-long resident of Hampton Township. After completing his education and subsequent residency in New Jersey, he moved back home to establish his own dental practice in 1992. His primary goal was to establish a practice focused on providing quality dental care while working closely with the primary insurance carriers in the Pittsburgh market. His start up practice, which began with servicing family and friends, has serviced over 13,000 patients since its inception.

In 2010, the dental practice of Michael J. Herock became incorporated under the name Certus DentalCare, LLC. The word "certus" in Latin means reliable. Dr. Herock felt this name was a good match for the goals that he has established for his dental practice.

Dr. Herock lives in Hampton township with his wife and 4 children. He spends his time away from the office enjoying his children's active schedules.



High School: Hampton High School, Allison Park PA

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science, Biology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA

Dental School: University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Residency: Monmouth Medical Center, Monmouth NJ


Dr. Majid Tofigh

Dr. Majid Tofigh is a native of the Montgomery County area in the Maryland/D.C. area. He attended undergraduate and graduate school in the Maryland area before attending the University of Pittsburgh to further his education in the area of Prosthodontics.

Dr. Tofigh now makes Pittsburgh his home, currently residing in the downtown area. In his free time he enjoys soccer as well as hiking and camping with his dog.



High School: Winston Churchill High School

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Graduate School: University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery
 Doctor of Dental Surgery

University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine
 Prosthodontics Certificate